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The positive of lockdown: the feeling of community.

Less time in transit, working from home, limited by distance and unable to enjoy our regular recreational activities, we all had to evolve and most likely that meant getting back to basics.

In Monique’s case, working solo on her fashion brand, being single, living on her own in Melbourne and with all family in another state, she discovered that her world actually opened up. Life was less solitary and instead felt more connected. Local friends and new acquaintances were more available for urban hikes, bike rides, picnics, workouts, beers…and bayside plunging.

It’s no surprise that open water swimming had a resurgence with the closure of pools and every other workout facility during lockdown. Lucky enough to have the bay within 5km, embracing the conditions and cold was just another way Monique felt she was overcoming the circumstances, keeping her mental health healthy and connecting with a new set of people.

So, knowing the benefits first hand for a year now, through all seasons, she doesn’t want to lose that feeling but also knows more people could benefit from jumping in the water and embracing new friends. Solution: Wednesday morning dips and sips.

Taking inspiration from Perth’s Cold Nips, Monique is welcoming anyone and everyone to meet at 7am on Wednesday's at Elwood SLSC. The idea is super simple – don’t hit snooze, rock up and introduce yourself to someone new, jump in that water and feel alive. For those who have time, stay locally after for coffee with fellow plungers.

Monique says, “Genuine connection and community has always been important to me. I want it to be an integral part of the fashion brand I am creating. That’s what life should be about.

Sign up via the Take The Plunge website.

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